Sensitively controlled. For ceiling and hood.
The energy costs for heating fresh air account for a large portion of overall operating costs for industrial kitchens. The “intuitive” SL-ECOcontrol allows energy savings of up to 80 %. It also creates a pleasant working environment. SL-ECOcontrol air conditioning ensures the perfectly balanced supply of fresh air. Heating this cold air is exactly what causes high energy costs and expenditure. Photoelectronic sensors continuously detect the volume of rising vapours. The speed control is regulated based on these values. The ventilation adjusts automatically to the current requirements at any time. It is also possible to activate zone valves and volume flow controllers. The air is quickly and effectively exchanged in brief peak loads. Otherwise the system runs on a pilot flame.
Cost minimisation guaranteed.

  • Precise sensory control for high energy efficiency
  • High operating comfort through automation
  • Pleasant indoor climate through “intermittent airing effect“