Waste-heat recovery saves energy.
Do you want to minimise your ventilation energy costs?
SL-THERMO enables reduced energy consumption (up to 30 %) compared with standard hoods. The heat exchanger is installed precisely above the cooking equipment, where the exhaust air temperatures are highest. The cold fresh air is conducted and pre-warmed in a flat tube heat exchanger in the cross-flow for the warm kitchen exhaust air. The reheater positioned behind it is only activated in extreme cold to heat the air to the desired temperature. All with significantly lower energy consumption.

  • Enormous reduction of heating and energy costs
  • Summer-winter changeover, automatic or manual
  • Practical conservation of resources and significant cost savings

Thanks to the special design, this development is ideal for exhaust air that contains aerosols and solves the problem of a central system. The distance of the flat tube in the heat exchanger is sufficient to avoid any blockage or severe contamination, so service life and pressure drop are not negatively influenced. The clash of cold fresh air and hot exhaust air generates condensation on the surface of the exchanger pipe in the hood interior. This condensation automatically “rinses” the grease particles from the heat exchanger and may run down the back to the aerosol separator in the condensation collection channel and drain off from here. We therefore refer to a self-cleaning action, as the heat exchanger keeps itself clean without additional devices.

An output as regards heat recovery efficiency and design of the reheater and/or heating output can be calculated on a case-by-case basis.