With UV light and ozone. For ceiling and hood.
Tried-and-tested technology based on ultraviolet (C) light and ozone supplements the separator function of conventional systems and eliminates noise. New accumulation of soot is effectively prevented. The SL-UV-Control works with special UV lamps, a patented safety device and a monitoring controller with individual lamp testing. The special UV lamps are mounted behind the aerosol separator.

During the cleaning process the odorous and greasy exhaust air is absorbed by the kitchen ventilation system and guided through the special UV lamps. A photolytic oxidation process takes place whereby the organic substances in the exhaust air (e. g. grease) are destroyed. Grease loads and noise emissions are significantly reduced – by up to 95 %! The final products are oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and dust-like, 100 % biodegradable by-products, which are removed by the exhaust air system.

  • Almost 100 % absorption can be achieved
  • Increased service life of ventilation through open ducts
  • Retrofitting into existing systems possible

Clever like nature
The system is based on the impact of short-term UV radiation (photolysis) and the chemical reaction of the ozone (O3) produced by the atmospheric oxygen (O2) with the organic particles (oxidation). Ozone is an extremely reactive and unstable form of oxygen that can oxidise organic substances in the air e.g. grease. At the same time bacteria, germs, spores and viruses are killed (ozone disinfects 100-times more quickly than hypochlorite).

Trust is good – control is better
For this reason SÜDLUFT leaves nothing to chance, including this system: all system components are monitored via a modern BUS system in conjunction with a touchscreen. At any time the control unit can supply all relevant information on the operating status of the system e.g. filter monitoring and function of the safety locks, status of the UV lamps, operating hour meter or fault monitoring in the exhaust air duct system. The tool also immediately reports any faults, thus ensuring perfect functionality.